Placemaking for Young People

What is spudYOUTH and how does it work?


spudYOUTH is an award winning workshop programme being run for young people aged 12 and upwards who are interested in architecture, urban design and public art. It is a weekly free programme run at the fish factory, penryn in term-time. 


spudYOUTH follows a simple process that takes young people through investigation, analysis and ideas development prior to formulating practical proposals. It’s a skill set that can be  applied to many other things and provides all the spud projects with a clear and easy to understand structure.

Why take part in spudYOUTH ? 


  • Meet and work with professional architects, designers, student architects and artists

  • Free weekly programme ran from 5pm until 6:45 pm every Thursday during term time at The Fish Factory in Penryn

  • Learn what makes a quality place to live 

  • Make a difference in your community 

  • Work in a real studio environment with professional designers 

  • Improve your design skills, communication, confidence, presentation, organisation and team work 

  • Enhance your portfolio and CV for college interviews and to stand out for university applications

  • Speak to key decision makers in your community 

  • GIVES YOU A VOICE amongst other local decision makers 

  • Present ideas, opinions and design proposals to councillors, local authority officers and other professionals 

  • Meet new people and have fun! 

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Future High Street: Falmouth

As the country re-opens from lockdown our high streets, shops and businesses have all been affected. Falmouth High Street has been impacted too. But what do young people think? How will your town look post-Covid? What opportunities do these changes present?

Now is the time for young people to have their voices heard. spudYOUTH ran an exciting summer workshop based on Lymington High Street to allow young people to share their ideas, and learn new skills. The results of the week long workshop can be seen below.

The young people had some very thoughtful and articulate ideas, which they explored through drawings and model-making. The over-riding theme that came through very strongly was to have a 'green' High Street - literally greening the street up with planting and trees, but also a more sustainable and eco friendly High Street.

The other main focus was managing traffic in the town.  Ideas were developed to reduce parking, slow traffic and improve public transport. Young people felt that cars dominated the High Street currently and this was to its detriment.

Finally, there was a strong feeling that the Town needed public art, colour and 'something special' to mark it out as unique to visitors and not like every other High Street - to create a reason to stay, explore and revisit.  The full report can be viewed by downloading the PDF here.

How would you like to change your high street in Falmouth. We plan to run a similar workshop in the near Future. We will keep you posted.